Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Luxury Responsibly Sourced Fine Craftsmanship

Our Story


Maison Muntu is a project by Angolan-French couple Aida & David. We started having a grasp of the culture and art scene at a very early age.

My papa used to be the head of one of the most influential museums of Angolan history and culture, putting us in permanent contact with rare artifacts, exquisite art pieces, and extraordinary crafts. Through our experiences, we became aware of the beauty of the vrai craftsmanship the splendor of sustainable artwork, and the uniqueness of a statement piece.

With rapid urbanization and new cultural influences some art, century-old skills are disappearing, and so, we decided to travel the world to look for the finest blend of artistry, be it indigenous or contemporary, and bring its aesthetics into the limelight. 

We started our journey in Africa, where had the honor to witness the work of amazing artists and crafters and see the beauty of workmanship through their lenses. 

We wanted to highlight the work of these gifted individuals while surveying the richness of amazing cultures in Africa and around the world, and so Maison muntu was born.

Maison muntu is a place where we aspire to limelight pure work of art and craftsmanship while respecting the environment and its natural resource.

Each of our products strives for authenticity, tells a story, and celebrates the cultural diversity of masters around the world.